See ya soon winter, summer is here..

A look back in the past winter season before the summer season kicks in?  😀

Everything should start in December, but it didn’t… Sadly there was a lack of snow all over the Alps region.

Desperate as I was, we went to Molltal glacier. . It was something for the start. 🙂 But it was not enough.

January was more or less the same, still no snow in Slovenia, luckily I went to France right after new year. And I was there when 1st powder alert was on. Great! I was enyoing on the snow and on dry land the whole week long. This was my first time in France and I can’t wait to go back.

When I arrived back home there was still summer (yay). So I went across the border again.. Grosse Kesselspitze was our plan where we were hiking and skiing all day. I was writing about that in some previous posts (CLICK!) After that the winter has finally arrived in our mountains.

First I went to Kredarica, a classical hike just to see how well I am physically prepared. End of January and end of “summer”, winter was finally here and time for skiing. 😀 I don’t remember everything because it was too much, I was on the snow all the time. If I had time (which I did) and if the weather wasn’t a complete crap I went up in the mountains. Most of the time I was skiing in Slovenia, I skied almost every line on Begunjščica and Viševnik, also Vrtača is high on the list.

I also had some really deep days on Vogel, where I was “flying” over some cliffs.

Somewhere in the middle of February it started dumping… and for one week we had fresh snow and untracked lines every morning.

Damn… I already lost myself… I just know I was skiing all the time. Later when the snow wasn’t good here anymore I went in Austria again. Weißensee Spitze, 3 day trip to Stubai glaicer, and te last one 3 day trip to Switzerland, Piz Palü… But you’ll have to wait for these stories.. 😉

It’s already June.. the snow is mostly gone. And that’s also a reason why I switched to summer mode, besides the warm nights, (too) hot days and other stuff. 😀 Mountain biking, runing, climbing… all that and much more. I’m sure its gonna be an interesting summer.

For the end I would like to say THANKS to all who support me. First here is my family which support my actions and believe in me. Then thanks to my sponsors Actionmama and Black Crows skis who provide me all the equipment so I can do what I do… And also thanks to all of you who read my blog. Hope you enjoy reading it, I will try do my best in the future. 😉


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