Interesting Winter (!?!)

Yep, you’ve seen the title.. 

This season 2015/16 really is something special. The snow cover in Slovenian mountains is very thin or there’s nothing at all. And there’s not much difference in the other parts of Alps. Weather pattern really sucks this year, but we have to take what we have so first things first…

For the first time in this season, me my “partners in crime” Krištof and Peter and my dad went on Molltal Glacier, to check the conditions. And we hit the jackpot in a sort of way. 😀 Great conditions through the day if we exclude the lack of snow. 


We decided at home that we’re gonna hike up to the top and later see what to do next. That means skiing till the chairlifts are closed. And at the end of the day we all had big smiles on our faces… and even more desire for skiing as before although we were quite tired. 🙂GOPR1011.MP4.jpg

As I mentioned before, the snow layer was really thin, but surprisingly we hit an excellent conditions, there was a 20cm thick layer of dry untracked snow… I’ll let your imagination to finish the story. 😉

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Next stop in this winter was in France, Orcieres Merlette. I was at the right spot in at the right moment… and here it was one week of France.

Again I was extremly lucky with the snow conditions. It started snowing the day we came and it was snowing almost every day. Although it was raining at the end of the week, 2000 meters above sea level (dafuq winter?!?).

I caught some great powder runs, but due to a bad weather the best lines stayed untracked (crying).

But hey, it was still one awesome week spent with the great people…

22nd of January I was on the road again. One car full of equipment and 5 guys, me, Andraž Šparovec, Matevž Maček, Luka Podlogar and Darjan Andrejc, desperate looking for powder. We were heading to Grosse Kesselspitze. All day of walking and skiing in great conditions. Maybe some of you are wondering whether all this effort is worth? Yes, it definitely is, even if just for 10 seconds! 🙂

Ok, enough talking… here are some photos.

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And for now, the last stop was Kredarica. Where is barely enough snow for skiing… Yep, winter really is “generous” this year in Slovenia. But okay, it’s something and at least I’ve got the chance too see how well prepared I am compared to the previous year. And I can tell you the difference is huge..not in skiing but all the walking stuff..:)

We started the tour quite earley..we had some problems with the icy road.. and I reached the top at around 9 am in the morning. Krištof and Peter have reached the hut a little later.

The way back half time we were on skis and the other half by foot.. So I’ll rather shut my mouth and show you the photos…

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That’s all folks! For now.. I’ll be in the mountains soon again.:)

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