About me and my passion..

I come from Slovenia, more specific location is Radovljica, a small town in the middle of the valley just a stone’s throw away from the mountains which is my gym in the summer and a massive playground in the winter.

I started skiing at the age of two, on the hill behind the house. And it quickly became my favourite sport. After a few years learning by my father I started to train alpine skiing and this is what I was doing for the next four years. After four years alpine skiing became a little boring to me, so I quit racing. And in the same time I started discovering freeride skiing.

My first turns in fresh snow looked kinda funny if I can call that a turn. But I was determined to learn how to ski off piste. At first I was just skiing and learning the technique. Later I started to train for my physical strength in the summer months, cycling, climbing, running etc.

Now I spent almost all my free time in the mountains. Climbing, skiing, MTB, road bike, alpinism… Working on my experiences.

In the summer I’m working as a canyoning and rafting guide. In Bled area. Contact me if you need any info. šŸ˜‰




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