About me and my passion..

I come from Slovenia, more specific location is Radovljica, a small town in the middle of the valley just a stone’s throw away from the mountains which is my gym in the summer and a massive playground in the winter.

I started skiing at the age of two, on the hill behind the house. And it quickly became my favourite sport. After a few years learning by my father I started to train alpine skiing and this is what I was doing for the next four years. After four years alpine skiing became a little boring to me, so I quit racing. And in the same time I started discovering freeride skiing.

My first turns in fresh snow looked kinda funny if I can call that a turn. But I was determined to learn how to ski off piste. At first I was just skiing and learning the technique. Later I started to train for my physical strength in the summer months, cycling, climbing, running etc.

In August 2015 me and my friend went to Grossglockner (3798 m), we were climbing up on the ridge called Studlgrat. Nice climbing, and glaciers all around, beautiful. In 15th of May I was standing on top of Piz PalΓΌ (3901 m)… and the list of projetcs is really really long. πŸ˜‰

Now at the age of 19 I put all my free time to train for skiing, no matter how. Usually its mountain running or cycling… I’m also training sport climbing which is great for my coordination. I’m slowly stepping towards ski mountaineering, skiing steep couloirs and enjoying life up in the mountains. I love everything conected with freeride skiing.



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