Dalbello Lupo AX120 review

The new Dalbello Lupo, which I recently received for testing, is a completely different world compared to the previous BD Factor MX.

On short about BD Factor MX:
Big and heavy, 2kg/boot, but extremely durable and reliable. In overall an awesome ski boot with 130 flex.

Now let’s get back to the new Dalbello Lupo. Brand-new for 2017-18 season, this three-piece boot has a great balance between touring and skiing, thanks to the engineers in Dalbello. On one side it’s a light ski-touring boot with 1500 grams/boot and 67-degree range of motion, which makes the walk up really comfortable and easy.

A small detail upon which I was thrilled was the width of the boot. It comes with the 100-mm last. And as a guy with wide foot this was a true gift from the sky. Those additional 2-mm makes the boot really comfortable and helps to keep the blood circulating, consequently keeping your toes warm. Talking about comfort, the liners can be heat-treated and shaped on your foot, which will maximize the comfort level and hold your foot on place at the same time.

On the other side, once you reach the top and get ready for the “fun-part” the boot is stiff enough to really send it downhill. As the part of the Lupo family, these are built to preform on the big-boy terrain, with a solid 120 flex.

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Before I started skiing with the new lupo boot I skied with BD factor MX. This one is focused more on downhill, it’s basically an alpine ski boot with a good walk mode. That’s why the angles and the whole geometry are completley different than lupo. Result is, or at least it was in my case, that I needed a couple of days to adapt to the new position on skis.

Now after 2 months of use I can say only one, a great ski boot. Comfortable, warm, lightweight and so on… It does well on all types of terrain, from waist deep powder to some really hard icy snow. I’m fairly satisfied with the flex (120), even though sometimes it’s a bit short. But the reality is that I have a fairly aggressive style.



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