FWQ, ISPO, plans

My last blog was published on 1st of  November in 2016.I wish I could post more but I’m in a lack of material. At least what concerns skiing. One reason is because studying takes a lot of time and the 2nd, the main reason is that the winter in the Alps is more or less green. Bummer. 😦

ISPO Munich

If I’m not on skis is highly likely that I’m doing something associated with skiing or at least with sport. One of this things was ISPO fair in Munich. And I don’t know where to start, the place is gigantic (note that I was here for the first time). Lots of exhibitors and even more people.

No major innovations have been observed, most of the skies are just covered with new graphic. But among all the new stuff some of them stood out. Elan made foldable skis from carbon, which were developed military. There are rumors that Karničar will use them on expedition to K2. That’s all I know. Unfortunately photos were not allowed.

Black crows introduced 2 new models, camox patrol and orb patrol. As the name says the models are made for work. Mountain rescuers, snow patrolers etc. The shape of the skis is based on the camox and orb with a few reinforcments. Edges are thicker and the top sheet is strengthened.

Camox patrol on the right

The second interesting new product for me is called Pride, the new avalanche backpack from ABS. They preserved the original shape of the backpack so it can be fitted will all the zip-on mounts. The airbag sistem is now upgraded in electronic sistem. Time will tell us if that is good or not, for now I can’t give any opinion. First I need to get it and then try it. 🙂 And they flatten the airbags, the volume stayed the same but the shape is more like a “wing”. Kind off. As I said I can’t give any evaluation by just looking on the picture.

Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ)

This winter I started to compete on freeride world qualifiers, FWQ on short. I was following those competitions already a few years ago but I was too young and without any experiences… My first stop was in Hochkar, Austria. Nice venue with a lot of different features and lines. If  the head is working as it should. In the morning, when I was looking for a line, it was easy. I’ll go here, make 2-3 turns then small drop some “power turns” and across the finish line. In reality the picture is a little different. On the start I had to know where on the mountain I am and later where to go, where to jump etc. And I had some problems with that because it looks totaly diffrent from POV. I knew where I was going but I have to work on details. In the end I finished in 20th place with 51 points. Reason was not enough action. Despite the fact that it was my first competition, at the end I wasn’t in a mood for anything. Because I know that my level of skiing is much higher than this. But the life goes on and I can’t wait for the next competition in Pitztal.

Plans for the rest of the winter are but for any serious lines we need more snow. Current forecast looks promising, so all we can do is wait.


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