Weisseespitze or Winter is still here


First time skiing in Tyrol and it was amazing, sleeping in the tent, waking up knowing it’s gonna be a beautiful  day.

We arrived under the mountain late in Friday evening, set a tent and went to sleep. Waking up into a beautiful morning we quickly packed our sleeping gear and went on the snow.

Before that Aleš realized that he forgot to take his climbing skins. (yay) Change of plans, we couldn’t go the easy way, we had to take the direct way, which was climbing up on the north face.

It was quite a challenge, the snow was really deep, at the moments over waist and the steepness was aroud 45° degrees or more all the time. Climbing up took us 3 hours, for 1 minute of skiing (?! :D). But it was one of the best lines in the season. Opened steep terrain full of soft snow, waaaaaa, it couldn’t be better.

OK, if we could go more than just once it would be even better. This line was skied at the 30th of April, and it can only be skied a few times a year, at least I heard it so, so cheers to that. 🙂
I finally found the conditions to ski fast again, and I enjoyed it so much, literally flying down the mountain.

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