Sleeping under the stars

“Tuturutu!” My mobile phone rang, it was Aleš. “Hey! Wanna go sleep into the mountains tonight, I got a tent and all the other equipment..?”

Of course my answer was yes. Another new experience on sight. (yay)

Hype!! I quickly packed all my stuff and waited for Aleš. After 5 minutes we were already on the road. Everything fine and nice until BAM, out of nowhere car stops working… Luckily we were in front of gas station, so we stopped and waited for assistance. From here on I’ll skip, after 2 hours we got the replacement car.

Why? 😀

When we arrived under the mountain it was already dark. Ok, no problem we take all the stuff needed for the night and started walking.

After  cca. 45 minutes we arrived at the top. Quick terrain check and then we put together our tent. It was standing in a blink of an eye.

Of course, you can’t sleep hungry.. So we cooked ourselves a warm dinner… Ramen, nothing more. 🙂 We found a perfect hole where we were protected from wind and with some improvisation it quickly became “the kitchen of the month”.

After dinner followed a photo session of the night sky.. Some nice photos were made. And then time to sleep. The night was calm but I didn’t sleep so well, because it was my first time sleeping in the big fluffy sleeping bag and I have to figure it out what suits me best…

Morning? Just like every other… we wake up have breakfast. Then we slowly packed our tent and went back to the valley.

These were just the preparations how to work with equipment and to get the feeling for some serious plans.

Can’t tell you much. I just hope they will be realized soon. Stay tuned. 😉


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