First impression: Black Crows Anima

Awesome! This is the only word with which I can describe my new skis, Black Crows Anima. Big thanks for this goes to the shop Actionama and of course the Black Crows Skis itself, who decided to support me with their skis.

When I was holding the skis for the first time I was thrilled. They were so light (5kg), especially if I compare them with my old skis Elan 1010 (8.5kg).

The first use started with walking. I went to Vogel with my father, where we were walking to the top, it’s about 1200 vertical meters. It was really easy to walk, but skiing is the important thing. When we arrived to the top we changed to “ski mode” and the first thought in my mind was “woow this skis are really playful” so easy to control. That was it for the 15 minutes of skiing. 🙂

For the second time, me and Simon went exploring under the Špik. We first had to walk for about 1 hour to get to the snow, then we continued on skis. Our goal was a chute called “Špikov graben”. At first it was looking good but we soon had to stop because the jump wasn’t made, just 10m of rock… We turned around and went back to the valley. Skiing down was interesting due to the spring snow which was really heavy. If I focus just on the skis it was great, no problem with turning and everything under control all the time.

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3rd time: This time Mojstrovka was in the game, when I was already walking I realized that I’m still a little tired from the last week, when I was swimming. (yay)
We climbed and skied two lines, the 1st one is called Župančičeva and the second one is Pripravniška. At first I was a bit unsure because I didn’t know how skis will “react” on steep and hard terrain. But I quickly caught the feeling.

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So, I know the skis now.. I tested them in all conditions except powder. And as I said at the beginning, awesome. Very playful skis, easy to control, I really enjoy when I use them. If you like to enjoy on skis I would definitely recommend it. I’m talking for model Anima, but I’m sure every skis from Black Crows are great. 😉



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