A little bit of everything

Another fantastic week is behind me.

But I decided to end it sooner as planned due to the blisters on toes. Very inconvenient moment for this little “injury”. But plans for the next few weeks are “out of this world” so looking forward to that. 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning. There was 4 members in the Monday team, me, Simon, Gašper and a new hunter Urška. And girls of my age in this sport aren’t very common, sadly. But ok, stop with this bullshit, she’s here with us and we are all here with one (? ;)) intention. Searching for the best snow conditions to enjoy as much as possible.


We decided for a relaxed day in Krnica. I don’t know when we started hiking, but it was quite late. First 5 kilometers is hiking across the plane. After that we slowly get to more steep terrain, where the snow was much better too. At first it was cloudy but later the clouds disappeared. It was a perfect day. Talking about the snow, it was dry and soft at the top and it was changing with the altitude, you all know how.

I was here for the first time and I didn’t know where to look. So much new projects, all the lines chutes, couloirs… it’s just a massive playground. I hope I’ll be back soon.

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Tuesday was a day for home mountain again. Our ( me, Simon and Aleš) plan was to climb a line called Večerna. But soon we realized that the snow and weather wasn’t good enough. And so we repeat a line called Lenuhova grapa, up and down this time. It wasn’t much different than a few days before.. Aleš took his camera with him and some nice shots were made. Overall it was a “nice” foggy day.
And the last “ski trip” was in Thursday. This time the team members was me, Urška and Simon. Our destination was Viševnik. When we came to Pokljuka the peaks were wrapped in fog. And in the moment we stepped to the top the fog disappeared. The views were amazing.

Mostly we were skiing on the northern side, the sun is stronger every day, so the south slopes were quite dangerous. We made some nice runs, some wipeouts… Overall it was an amazing day.

I think photos tell much more than words… 😉

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For more pictures and videos check out my Facebook page. 😉


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