Red Bull 400 Planica

A year has passed and it was time for Red Bull 400 again. They say that this is the toughest 400 meters in the world. I believe them. I can’t give any opinion yet, because I’ll first have to run on some other ski-jumps/hills (whatever) 😀

This year I had a plan, not like last year which was my first time running on such a competition. Although I still didn’t train enough uphill running during the summer. But I knew how to warm up properly. A year before I was warming up longer than this year but in the last meters of qualifications I was exhausted. My muscles were not on 100%.

So this year I picked up a different approach.  I started slowly, then some moderate uphill running and at the end 2 sprints. And that was it, after that I only care that I drank enough. Water not redbulls. 🙂

So at 13.45 it was time for the run, I forgot to tell you, this year was just one run because of the rain. So only one “shot” for everyone.
….3,2,1 BANG!!! and we started, at first I began with moderate pace and after some 50-60 meters I started on full power. I tried to follow the leader, Simon Alič, but for now he is still to fast for me. During the run I was on the 4th place all the time, in the last 50 meters I had a battle with Žiga Trontelj. It was exciting and I had so much fun, but on one step I slipped. So I ended up on an 5th place in my group with the time 6 minutes and 44 seconds.

At the end that was enough for 38th place. I was happy with the result, much better than last year (54th place). And I proved to myself that I am going in the right direction. Next year I will return stronger and faster muhuhaha. 😀
And I hope it will not rain.

See ya in the mountains. 😉


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