North pillar of Skuta

I woke up at 5am after really weird dreams ready for another awesome day in the mountains. Plan was to gather on the parking at 6.30am under the mountain Skuta. But something has to go “wrong”, Simon has overslept. We were a little late but no big deal, shit happens. 😀

The 3rd member of the group, Grega Brvar, was there on time so he also started walking on time and we later caught him a little higher. Path lead us through the short chute full of rocks, so skiing down was not an option here. After that we continued on skis all the way to the entrance of the line which was planned to ski. In our language it’s called Severni steber Skute, translated North pillar of Skuta.

Climbing up the line was fun, steep as always, maybe this time the whole line was more exposed than the others we’ve already skied. Snow condition was suitable to the season, soft and wet… We left the upper part of the line for later or for the next year, because there was a short part with no snow, so that the progression was not possible.

Skiing down? 🙂 Steep and slow, but I really enjoyed every turn I made, although I still prefer big and open lines where I can get fast and creative. Snow quality was changing with the altitude and so was skiing.

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