Wandering around Begunjščica

As you can see from the title, today was more about wandering than skiing. 

The day started as usualy on a parking under the ski slope. After about 45 minutes we were already on top of the ski slope. With a little slower pace, we continue to the couloir in which we were intended.

There was some fresh snow which fell over the night and wasn’t so well adherent with the old snow. But overall the snowpack was stable, so we continued our way to the ridge. 

Walking up was quite a challenge. Waist deep snow and quite steep terrain for walking. I think after an hour of walking we reached the top of couloir.

For the ridge we put on crampons and ice axes. Somewhere in the middle of the ridge we realized that on one place there is not enough snow for climbing. Yay, we had two options, turn back ang go down in the couloir, hard way or the “easy one” make a traverse to the Smokuški plaz and go up there. 

Again after 45 minutes of walking we reached the top of Begunjsčica. And the weather was quickly changing, the wind was blowing and mixing the fog. 

We put on our skis and first went across the ridge to the entrance of Šentalski plaz. 

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Skiing down was really something special after all day of walking. 😀 


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