Begunjščica wrapped in fog

Yesterday was quite a hard day, not so much physical but maybe more psyhological. I did almost 2000 vertical meters, and I was in fog all the time so I was actualy blind all the time, but it was amazing.

First me and Simon went to Begunjščica, where we have to adapt our tour the weather conditions. The fog was really dense so there was almost zero visibility.

We decided to try a line called Trolko. It was really hard to orientate due to the fog. But when we came under the line we realized that there is not enough snow (do’h). Besides that this line wasn’t the right one..(double do’h)

OK, let’s just go up to the ridge and then find the entrance to the Y couloir. It was a little windy up on the ridge so we quickly packed our gear and started skiing.

Snow in the couloir was icy at first but later it became soft… so skiing was a poetry, more or less. We still have to be cautious, because on some places the fresh snow was blown away.

On the way down we met quite a lot of people mostly by foot. It’ nice to say a word or two with them I always hear something new. 🙂

The plan was to climb and ski one more couloir.. But we couldn’t find the entrance, so we decided to go do down.

 It was a fun day wrapped in fog. I enjoyed ewery moment of it.

 Later in the afternoon I was up here again just on the other side of the mountain and by foot. I’ve decided to improve my skills in mountaineering school…

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