Jalovec and Red Bull 400

Saturday and tuesday, two great days which I spent outdoors.

On Saturday I ran a Red Bull 400. The hardest 400 meters on the world, you make almost 200 vertical meters in about 8 minutes. It was the first time I attended such an event, and the next year I’m gonna go again because it was awesome. My main goal was to qualify for the finals. And I made it with time 7 minutes an 29 seconds.

I hardly waited for the finals, but before that some rest.

Running in the finals was much easier for me, because I was already warmed up from the previous run and I knew what awaited me and how to deal with the declivity.

In the end I finished on 54. place with time 7 minutes and 13 seconds. I was really happy with the result because I achieved what I wanted – finals.

Especially so because I didn’t have any special preparations. It was a spontaneous decision, to see how it is and I saw how well I am physically¬†prepared.

After 2 days off I went in Tamar valley again but this time me and Jure were intended to Jalovec.

We started walking at 5am. in Planica towards the foothills of Jalovec. After more than an hour of walk we finally started to climb on scree. The day was perfect for mountaineering, the weather was beautiful, no other hikers etc…

So we arrived at the top in a moderate pace where was a little bit windy. At the top there was a time for snack and photos/videos. The view from the top was great, I could see almost all Slovenian Alps and some of the highest in Austria. Except the Grossglockner, it is just behind Mangart so it couldn’t be seen.

Pictures usually speak louder than words, so here are a few…

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