Grossglockner (3798m)

Hello everyone!

In the distance…

Main tourist season in Slovenia is slowly going down so I finally have time to go in the mountains.

I think it is obvious from the title where I was heading this time. It was Grossglockner. Highest mountain in Austria.

 At the beginning of the summer my good friend Nace ask me if I want to join him on the trip. And he didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

So it happend!

Weather forecast for the weekend was looking good so we decided to go.


We started in saturday morning in Radovljica, then take about 2 hours driving to get to the foothills. And when we arrived on the parking we had a beautiful sight of our goal. Each took their equipment and we went to Stüdlhütte.


After 1h and 45min of hiking we reached Stüdlhütte. We arrange everything for sleeping, then went on the glacier, where he taught me some basic rules of walking on the glacier and rescuing in case of accident.


Glecier  Teischnitzkees

After that, in the evening when we packed every required equipment for the next day, we eat supper and then went to sleep.

The night wasn’t long. Getting up at 4.20 in the morning is usually quite a challenge, but I knew it will be a great day, so I was awake and ready to go in a blink of an eye.


We started walking at 5 am. so at first we had to use headlamps. By the time we reached the ridge, the daylight was already strong enough that we could see without headlamps. Climbing the Stüdlgrat was fun and interesting experience. There are some exposed places, but nothing serious. During the climbing there wasn’t enough time to take pictures.


We reached the top at 8.20 am. We were walking and climbing a little bit more than 3 hours. Summit was wrapped in fog, clear sky only appeard from time to time…

The descent was nothing special, the most dangerous part was just below the summit, which is crowded because of the narrow path. The rest of the descent was a pleasant walk. It lasted quite a long time since we looked every crevasse and turned every rock ..:)


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